Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

Jumpsuits and dungarees

Even if there are many ways to call those very versatile clothing items : jumpsuits, overalls, dungarees and rompers they all describe the same thing. Those four words describe one universal item which is top and bottom sewn together basically like a dress, but with the bottom sewn together like pants. Isn't that a wonderful invention someone came up with girls ?! Don't we all know the struggle of standing in front of our closet in the morning and thinking "Gosh I have nothing to wear" (even if our closet is totally full) ?!

I do face this struggle every once in a while (and I bet many of you do too). And that's why I fell in love with jumpsuits !!! They solve this problem of not knowing what to wear in such a genius and easy way !

You can get up in the morning and just take this one item out of your closet and you're pretty much dressed. You only need to think about some shoes and a jacket to add. Maybe also some nice accessories and a cute purse and you're ready to go ! 
For me jumpsuits have solved this morning struggle in an amazing way.

The difference between jumpsuits and dungarees is, that dungarees are always made out of jeans fabric and jumpsuits are mostly made out of cotton. Jumpsuits can be very colorful and can have prints and ruffles or can be made out of lace, while dungarees are plain and simple and mostly made out of blue denim fabric.

Another benefit of jumpsuits is in my opinion that they're much more comfortable than a dress, but you can still dress them up and make them look very chic and classy. You can wear them casually at daytime with sneakers or ballerina flats, a big purse and simple jewelry and at nighttime you can wear them with statement jewelry, a clutch bag and wedges or high heels.

The short version of jumpsuits is called rompers and overalls are one kind of dungarees, but they have sleeves while dungarees mostly have suspenders. It girls like Alexa Chung and Olivia Palermo show that dungarees can look very stylish and are not something only toddlers can wear. 
You can also dress up dungarees and jumpsuits totally sexy with crop tops, high heels, lace shirts, see through shirts and sexy, wavy bombshell hair á la VS.

Jumpsuits have even been worn on the red carpet by stars and celebrities. They're starting to replace dresses and also business women wear them to work with high heels. You can wear them all year long and pair them with pretty much everything.

Jumpsuits are just the ultimate must have for women of the 21st century !

Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2015

About myself and my Blog

My name is Clarissa and I'm 19 years old. I live in Berlin, Germany. 

This Blog is about fashion and style. I'm going to give fashion advice, write about my own fashion style and give ideas on where to shop amazing outfits which are similar to designer clothes, but cheaper. 

Fashion has been a huge interest of me since many years. I love to read and write about fashion and to give fashion advice. If you would like some fashion advice about how to style a specific clothing item you already own, or if you're thinking about buying an item but don't know how to style it, then I'll be happy to help and you can message me anytime.